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Political cooperation

On 10 March 1992, Slovenia and Ukraine signed a Protocol on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations and thus formed the basis for all-round cooperation between the two countries.

The embassy is primarily tasked with representing the interests of Slovenia and its citizens, strengthening bilateral political, economic and cultural relations between Slovenia and Ukraine, providing Slovenian citizens with consular protection, and performing other consular activities. The embassy provides support to Slovenian companies in the Ukrainian market in accordance with its responsibilities. One of the embassy’s important tasks is also the promotion of Slovenia as an inviting, hospitable and interesting tourist destination.

A Slovenian diplomatic mission or consulate was not established in Ukraine until April 2004. The duties of a non-resident embassy were thus carried out by the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Budapest. The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Kyiv was established in April 2004.

Relations between Slovenia and Ukraine are friendly. Slovenian and Ukrainian representatives regularly exchange their views and positions on bilateral issues. Regular dialogue has also been established within international and regional organisations and initiatives. The frequency of contact proves the interest of both sides in preserving and furthering positive mutual relations.

The establishment of embassies on both sides has laid the foundations for enhanced all-round bilateral cooperation (the establishment of a department of the Slovenian language in L’viv). Slovenia devotes particular attention to cooperating with Ukrainian regions and has thus established consulates in Odessa, Kharkiv and Zythomir headed by honorary consuls.

Slovenia and Ukraine have been successfully encouraging their political and economic cooperation, as well as cooperation in defence, science, transport, internal affairs, culture and health. 

European structures are an important means of further strengthening cooperation, and Slovenia thus actively assists Ukraine through its experience in drawing closer to the EU.